DAYS OF THE WEEK Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday I go to the park ON Sundays. He likes to play checkers ON Wednesdays. They have English classes ON Tuesdays and Thursdays. MONTHS OF THE YEAR January February March April May June July August September October November December SEASONS OF THE YEAR                         […]

Possessives and Pronouns

POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVES MY father is a nurse YOUR mother is a housewife. HER brother-in-law is a flight attendant. HIS step mother is a receptionist.T YOUR  parents are supervisors OUR relatives are Militaries THEIR  kids are students OBJECT PROUNOUNS I am looking at YOU. You are talking with ME. He  is buying a gift for HER. […]


I study English ON Sundays. They are AT the university. My birthday in IN July. The book is BETWEEN the notebooks. My sis birthday is ON January 3rd. The dog is AMONG the cats. The papers are ON the desk. I like to surf ON the internet. We live IN Brazil. I work AT the […]

These x Those

These _______________ are___________________.                 Ants                            big.                 Cookies                delicious.                 Chauffeurs         hard-working.                 beggars                hungry.                 shirts                   grubby.                 plugholes clogged.                 workers               tired.                 plungers            strange. Singular  X  Plural Man         X   Men Woman   X Women Person    X   People Those  _________________  are ___________________.                   men /trees                       weird.                   women                            happy.                   people                            angry.                   animals                         starving.                   politicians                   wrong. Antonyms / […]

Countable nouns x Uncountable nouns

COUNTABLE NOUNS X UNCOUNTABLE NOUNS DollarsCarFriendsPencilCatDogCDOrangeBoysGirlsApplePeopleJewelsPhotosEggs MoneyWater Juice Sugar Wine Tea Salt Bread Milk Fruit Information Rice News Furniture   There are many cars on the street now. I have many CDs at home. Hoy many dollars do you need for the trip? I need many dollars for the trip. I don’t have much rice […]

Present Perfect Tense

AFFIRMATIVE I have (I’ve) exchanged the Philipsscrewdriver for a hammer.She has (she’s) already lost the toolbox.We have (we’ve) talked to the mechanic for one hour and a half NEGATIVE They have not (haven’t) managed to take the nails out of the box since yesterday.She hasn’t found the screws yet.We haven’t given the saw away. INTERROGATIVE […]