I study English ON Sundays.
They are AT the university.
My birthday in IN July.
The book is BETWEEN the notebooks.
My sis birthday is ON January 3rd.
The dog is AMONG the cats.
The papers are ON the desk.
I like to surf ON the internet.
We live IN Brazil.
I work AT the airport.
He threw the ball TROUGH the window.
The Browns traveled THROUGHT the USA.
The erasers were UNDER the carpet.
All the passengers ON the airplane got scared.
The passengers INSIDE the train got sick.
They work IN the morning.
They usually / generally go to the club AT night.
I think ABOUT / OF you all the time.
I am interested IN going to the beach.
You should take a look AT the stars.
There were toys ALL OVER the floor.
The girls were BEHIND the house.
The fire hydrant is IN FRONT OF the house.
The light bulb is OVER my head.
It rained FROM 7am TO 11am.
We traveled FROM Miami TO Paris.
They couldn’t arrive IN time
She has never arrived ON time.
He walked AROUND the lobby.
She stood IN the shade UNDERNEATH the awning.
You should tie this rope ROUND your waist.
The health post is ACROSS the stationary store.
The drugstore is located BELOW the bakery.
I have been waiting for you UNTIL 2 o’clock.
I always travel to the country ON (USA) / AT (UK) the weekend.
It was BEYOND noon when we got home.
There were some houses AMIDST the trees.
I will postpone talking to the professor UNTIL I know whether it’s true or not.
I will postpone talking to the professor TILL tomorrow.
Everything was ok IN THE END.
Studying is generally difficult IN TIME OF WAR war.


To save up a nest egg
To subscribe
To play dumb
To go on a strike
To do well
To go shopping
To pull faces
To be good weather
To make up after a quarrel
To make a bad impression
To take a test
To shine
To call the roll
To lack money
To gossip
To become engaged
To miss a class
To break one’s word
To be a chatterbox
To pack bags
To speak with a forked tongue
To manicure the nails
To take one’s meals
To be good for a person
to make a good impression
To show affection
To comply with the wishes of


   One day , Jack takes Mumu, his old cown to the market. On the way he meets an old man. He gives five magic beans for Mumu. Jack’s mother isn’t happy and throws them out of the window. In the night they grow in a giant beanstalk! Jack climbs up and up. At the top he sees a castle and goes inside. Argh! Argh! Argh! I smell a little boy! Here I come ! Yummy yummy! Shouts the giant. Jack jumps in a cupboard. The giant cannot see Jack and falls asleep. Quickly, Jack jumps out of the cupboard and takes the gold coins, the chicken and harp. Suddenly, the giant wakes up and chases Jack. p! Shouts Jack. His Mum takes an axe and chops down the beanstalk. The giant falls down, Arghhh..!

2 – Complete the following senteces with OFF , OPPOSITE , UNTIL, WHILE OR WITH.

a) She took her hat_____ when she entered the store_______

b) Mary went to the theater _____ her sister-in-law.

c) The hospital is _______ the church.

d) They waited ______ midnight before leaving.

e) We drank soda we walked around the amusement park.

f) My father intends to work at the supermarket ______ he retires.

3 – Complete the following sentences using AT , ABOUT, AGAINST , FROM or OF.

a) She forgot ______ buying bread.

b) They had a discussion why children rebel _______ their parents.

c) Her Family has just come ___________Africa.

d) Why are you looking ________me like that?

e) We decided to buy a bottle ______ anti-depressing.


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