MY father is a nurse
YOUR mother is a housewife.
HER brother-in-law is a flight attendant.
HIS step mother is a receptionist.T
YOUR  parents are supervisors
OUR relatives are Militaries
THEIR  kids are students
I am looking at YOU.
You are talking with ME.
He  is buying a gift for HER.
He is working with HIM.
We are listening to YOU.
They are playing with US.
The Pen on the desk is MINE.
The Pencil in the backpack is YOURS.
The eraser in the pencil case is HERS.
The notebook in the bag is HIS.
The pencil sharpener in the paper clip holder is YOURS.
The ruler on the shelf is OURS.
The stapler in the drawer is THEIRS.


a) I am no talking to _. __________________________________

b) This is not pen. __________________________________

c) car is really old. __________________________________

d) Are the going to speak with__________? _______________________________

e) Is she going to sell _________ house? __________________________________

f) Is__________going to visit _? __________/___________

g) Why are so stupid? ________________________________

h) _______ will talk to her later. _____________________________________

I) I love . _________________________________

j) These obects aren’t______________. _______________________________

k) _______ should see a dentist. __________________________________

l) She will visit _______ next weekend. __________________________________

m) _______ chargers aren’t here. __________________________________

n) _______ work here in at night. ____________________________________

o) She couldn’t play guitars. ________________________________

p) won’t give the credit card. _________/____________

q) _______ cannot tell _______ about secret. __/__/__

r) _______ played cards with _______ . _______/___________

s) _______ airplane took off early. ___________________________________

t) _______ didn’t see the accident. ____________________________________

u) _______ cell phone is broken. ___________________________________

v) _______ needs _________ . ______/___________.

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